Military Spouses Business and Employment Charter

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The UK’s first charter to help more military spouses get into business and employment has been launched in the House of Commons.

The Military Spouses Business and Employment Charter was launched in front of an audience of senior military personnel, politicians, business people, Armed Forces veterans and military spouses.

Its aim is to press employers, organisations and recruiters to rethink some long-held assumptions about military spouses and get more into work.

In what will be a year-long campaign, the Armed Forces business charity Heropreneurs and Recruit For Spouses, a social enterprise which specialises in providing employment opportunities for partners of service personnel, said the charter details the key reforms necessary to change the way military spouses are seen through the eyes of potential employers, job centres and recruitment agencies.

Heledd Kendrick, founder and director of Recruit For Spouses, said: “The charter campaign is about creating awareness about the lack of support in business, the lack of understanding and the lack of respect that so many military spouses face when looking for work on a daily basis. It is a huge problem and we need to face this head on.

“People often ask me what the Government is doing about this issue but the MoD cannot do everything, nor should it in this case. It is about everyone taking responsibility; the more that we as a society do, the less we will need the Government to do.”

Richard Morris, founder and CEO of Heropreneurs, said: “There is discrimination by some employers towards military spouses of both sexes. It is not something which is sustained by chance but by a combination of factors including a lack of awareness about the issue and how a partner being sent on deployment affects home life.

“The next 12 months will offer us an exceptional series of opportunities for employers and business member organisations to start turning things around.”

See the full Charter here Military Spouses Business and Employment Charter 

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