Heropreneurs is looking for Ex-Military entrepreneurs

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Heropreneurs is looking for ex-military entrepreneurs to join its Business Captains scheme esepcially those who live or work in Wiltshire.

Richard Morris, the founder and managing director of Heropreneurs said:

‘We know that there will be a significant number of Armed Forces redundancies in 2013 so we need to be prepared for this.

‘We want to boost skills and self-employment, to improve training, knowledge and self-belief. The majority of ex-military people we’ve met have integrity, energy, passion, leadership skills, adaptability and determination to start up in business.

‘Most of these people need advice and mentoring – they are hungry for it, and to get it in very concentrated form is critical to their future success.

‘The second item they need is to build their network, and they also want the validation of saying ‘Mr or Mrs X has invested time in me’ or ‘so-and-so wrote about me’. Ironically the last thing they want is money. It’s not the first thing, because they know that if they get the first three things right, that will come.

All Heropreneurs’ beneficiaries are provided with very experienced and successful business people who walk alongside the people we guide and support as they develop their understanding, personal capabilities and their business plans.

The simple premise with business mentoring is that it enables you to gain enormous insight, experience and knowledge from people who have  usually been through the whole business journey – from start-up, raising finance for growth and to exit.

As a start-up or early stage business you will benefit from a properly structured mentoring programme at a cost of just £50 a year. This annual fee has additional benefits including one year free membership of the FSB (normally £120 a year) access to our enterpreneurial network, our Essential Business Expertise Workshops and numerous other networking events.

In the longer term, mentoring will help your business to become fully ‘investment ready’ so investors will be able to fully understand it, what your motivations are and how you intend to make money.

Very few small business owners who pitch for funding are successful in getting it. This is not because there are fewer investors around (the opposite is true) but mostly business plans are not comprehensive enough, ideas are muddled, research into which sector an investor finances is missed and those important warm leads and recommendations are not there.

If you would like to apply for the Heropreneurs programme please contact:

Richard Morris richard@heropreneurs.co.uk 

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