CrossFit Wrexham: innovative gym goes from strength to strength

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January is typically a time for resolutions. Some give up chocolate, some prefer to 'dry up' and lay off the lager, while others make it their mission to burn off the festive pounds and get in tip-top shape for Spring.

One man who knows exactly how to tone, hone and shred muscle is Paul Sheard, a former member of the Royal Corps of Signals and now the proud owner and manager of CrossFit Wrexham.

"I have always been a fitness fanatic," explains Paul. "The Army introduced me to cross-country running but unfortunately I was injured and could no longer run. 

 "Thankfully, I discovered CrossFit and I was amazed at how strong I became and the shape it got me in, despite being injured," he adds.

 CrossFit is a unique form of exercise and its workouts incorporate elements from high-intensity interval training, Olympic weightlifting and plyometrics, therefore the gyms where it is practiced also need to be unique. CrossFit Wrexham

 "I was at a bit of a loose end when I was discharged from the Army but I knew I wanted to open a CrossFit gym and show people just how effective it can be," explains Paul.  "But I'd never started a business before and I needed some advice."

This is where Heropreneurs stepped in and Paul was connected to mentor, and the Chairman of Heropreneurs, Peter Mountford, who has a lifetime of experience working with early stage businesses. 

"I sent Peter an email and he got back in touch with me very quickly," says Paul. "We then held a few Skype meetings and he really helped me form a business plan."

"Friends and family can offer a certain amount of support but Peter was a great person to turn to when I needed sound business advice.

CrossFit Wrexham Opening

"I was confused with certain aspects of the business, particularly negotiating with the landlord, so Peter guided me through that stage and helped build my confidence."

CrossFit Wrexham has now been open since early January and it has already seen a healthy amount of new members sign up to get in shape and experience the innovative and intense exercise routines.

"It's early days but I've retained about 15 or so members from free taster sessions, which have proven quite popular," Paul says. 

"There are people joining every day but I'm looking to offer more deals for local businesses. I've been hitting social media over Christmas but now it's time to hit the streets and spread the word."

Starting a business isn't easy and Paul admits that he is currently adopting several key roles at CrossFit Wrexham, including head of marketing, HR and even physically teaching the classes.

When asked if he will continue to use the support offered by Heropreneurs, his answer is a resounding 'yes'. 

"I don't like to ask for help until I've exhausted all of the possibilities to do it off my own back but I know Heropreneurs will always give up some time for a phone call or a chat, which is great to know," he says.

If you live in the Wrexham area and fancy getting in shape, visit Or, if you have a business idea and you need some assistance, drop us an email at

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