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Guest Blog: Peter Starbuck on Reducing the Risk by Doing the Basics


We start our own business ventures for a variety of reasons. Some are the result of a conscious plan; others start by accident when we meet someone whom we may or may not know.

Others are the result of doing the job in our spare time, and then being asked if we carry out the same service for other people.

As a result of further orders, we suddenly…

Drone Defence: More on the latest Heropreneurs mentee

"Drone Defence is the UK's first drone focused security consultancy, offering the latest technology, techniques and procedures to help large and small organizations combat the emerging drone threat," explains operations manager Richard Gill.

Established by one of the UK’s leading drone experts and former Army Officer, Drone Defence has unparalleled knowledge about the threat posed by commercially…

News: Drone Defence joins entrepreneurship programme, Heropreneurs joins Cobseo

The Drone Defence website

July has been a busy month for Heropreneurs, with the usual networking events, business advice and support for service leavers remaining at the forefront of what we do.

But we have also welcomed Drone Defence, experts in the operation of the commercially available UAV and drone…

Guest blog: Peter Starbuck mulls over the future of employment

Pic: chris riebschlager/Flickr

If we want to start a business that is “totally risk free”, we would be better off staying at home.

Why? Because it doesn’t exist. This is not to…

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