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Ben Brabyn appointed as Ambassador

Heropreneurs is delighted to announce that Ben Brabyn has become an Ambassador for the organisation.

Peter Mountford, the Chairman of Heropreneurs said "We are delighted that Ben has agreed to become an Ambassador for our organisation.  Ben has been an active supporter of Heropreneurs for many years, and we very much look forward to his continued help in the future".

Jim tried to win a place in Winter Olympics team and ended up starting a business

Jim Galvin left the forces to start a business, and to attempt to win a place in the Sochi 2014 Winter Olympics as part of the UK’s bobsleigh team. He went on to found Atlas professional, an organisation that…

Former soldier acts out life as an extra for Brad Pitt

While many ex-servicemen and women seem to gravitate towards health and fitness, Charlie Rotheram and Alex Rawlins have focused on the creative industries.

After working as extras in Les Misérables, the pair founded a casting agency for ex-servicemen and women.

Rotheram was inspired to start his business when he realised that extras playing the parts of soldiers in Les Misérables…

RAF pilot turned entrepreneur turned idea into £13m business

When Adam Twidell and his wife Carol told colleagues they had decided to give up their high-flying jobs and launch a comparison website for private jets, the general consensus was that they were mad.

'It will never work', they were warned. 'Private jet customers aren't looking for value - it's all about luxury'. And even: 'No-one will ever book a private jet online'.

But the doubters…

Phil continues to grow his photography business

Phil Wareing was in the Royal Navy for 16 years as an aircraft mechanic and then in the Navy's photographic department where he won several awards in the Royal Navy Peregrine Trophy photographic competition.

'I was…

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