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On November 10th, 2022, Heropreneurs will launch our inaugural full-day, conference in conjunction with our annual Awards Dinner. Hosted throughout the Grade II-listed Imperial War Museum in London, this conference will be the first of its kind, offering the Armed Forces community in business access to a host of unique opportunities to learn, grow, and network.


Throughout the day, there will be:

  • Exclusive panel discussions 

  • C-Suite leaders 

  • Practical skills workshops 

  • Extensive networking opportunities


Our keynote speakers, breakout sessions, and panel discussions are listed below.

From Small to Big.  Baby steps to giant leaps.


When two brothers decided to start a business in Japan back street in 1908, little did they know they had made the first steps in starting a multi-national conglomerate nearly 125 years later which spans 100 countries, employs 40,000 people and generates in excess of six-billion-dollar annualised revenues. 

But what is it about that business that has made it sustainable over a timeframe of 100 years?  What are the lessons you could learn as a small business with aspirations to make it big?  Rarely are the secrets revealed and, in this keynote, Phil will share some of his winning methodologies running the UK arm of the business with annualised revenues of +£100M. 

Key Takeaways

  1. Setting the tone and how to turn the volume up with your customers.

  2. Why culture galvanises from day 1 to year 100.

  3. Winning patterns for growth and success to make it in your market (and life).

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More sessions and keynote speakers will be announced as the event approaches, so keep checking this page.

A full copy of the ticket terms and conditions can be found here.