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Last month, Mel Luck and Paul 'Vic' Vicary, a veteran-turned-trainer, former mentee, Heropreneur of the Year 2021, and creator of X-Calibre Mental Health, devised a bespoke mental health online training package, tailored to the obstacles that our Heropreneurs mentors may experience.

Unfortunately, stigma and misinformation around mental health issues still exist. Many people are unaware of how to recognise mental illness and how to respond when faced with it. This online training session encouraged open and honest discussions and prepared our mentors with the knowledge and skills to recognise the early warning signs of mental illness and to seek professional care when necessary.

Illustration by Amy Nolan

"Getting together with our amazing mentors and having the opportunity to refresh our knowledge on this important topic with a couple of expert trainers like Paul and Mel was a really positive experience. It was a great reminder that as well as supporting each other and raising awareness about this essential topic, we all need to take time to make sure we are looking after our own mental health as well, as this ultimately is the first step to better supporting the people we interact with every day. There was so much value and useful advice packed into the day and despite this being delivered virtually, Paul and Mel made this an interactive and engaging session - the time flew by. Thank you, X-Calibre training!” - Amy Nolan (Heropreneurs Mentoring Manager)

Paul has built X-Calibre Mental Health into a company that directly assists and supports the military community. Thanks to their efforts and Paul's perseverance and dedication to the community, people's lives have been dramatically altered and changed for the better.

We would like to thank Paul, Mel, and all those that attended. This training helps to promote a positive mental health culture and saves lives.

If you are in need of immediate support, please see a directory of relevant resources here:

For more information on the training sessions that X-Calibre Mental Health provides, please click here

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