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Meet Our Winners: Senseon, winner of the Technology Business of the Year Award

A new category for 2019, Technology Business of the Year was sponsored by Amazon Web Services, in association with Tech Vets. This category was awarded to Senseon, a cyber security software company that has grown exponentially since it was founded in London in 2017 by ex-Royal Marine, David Atkinson, now boasting a base in the US, along with partners and clients across 4 different continents.

Senseon participated in CyLon, a Government funded incubation scheme for new cyber security start-ups, and aims to revolutionise the cyber security industry with a whole new concept tackling the inadequacy of the systems in place currently and the chronic shortage of analysts by developing a system that keeps pace with developing threats and automating much of the process where possible. The system uses an AI-led, behavioural-based approach to develop a contextual understanding of threats and to ensure that alerts are accurate and timely. David Atkinson says:

‘The core of the business plan was to solve a real-world problem, and, as a technology focused company, the main priority was on developing the software to enable this to happen. This has been our primary focus, something that hasn’t changed, and it drives every business decision that we make.”

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