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The Heropreneurs Awards 2024 are now open!

On November 14th, we’ll be hosting our annual Heropreneurs Awards Night at

The Shard in London.


We cannot wait to host our community and wider network at this incredible venue (a huge thank you to Warwick Business School for having us back again this year).

 After last year’s successful event we will be keeping the format the same, with an opportunity for our mentees and mentors to meet and learn together during the afternoon.

The evening will be focused upon bringing together our wider networks and supporters, alongside our mentees and mentors, to celebrate the achievements of the military business community.  We will also be announcing the winners of the Heropreneurs Awards  as well as the winner of the prestigious Warwick Business School bursary award.


We believe that building relationships and connections is one of the most powerful tools in business, so bringing everyone together is a highlight we are really looking forward to!




Important to remember: Please read the entry criteria carefully. Ultimately, the business owner/founder/ creator needs to be -  a serving / veteran of the UK Armed Forces OR a spouse or partner of a serving member.


Can I nominate myself? Yes, you can.

Shine a light on your achievements so far and let us know about your business. You know your business better than anyone, so tell us about it!


I want to nominate someone else, but I don’t have all the details about their business story for the nomination – Please don’t worry.  If you are nominating someone/a product and you do not have the information to answer some of the questions then please leave the field blank. If necessary, we will contact the nominee to request additional  information.


Deadline for nominations – 5pm Friday, 28th June


This year we are celebrating outstanding achievements in the following categories -


Product of the Year: 

This award seeks to recognise the best products that we see coming to the market from the military business community. The product in question can come from any sector, but must represent excellence in both quality and innovation.

Technology Business of the Year:

 This award recognises a business whose main area of operation is in technology – either focusing on the development and manufacturing of technology or providing technology as a service. Nominees will need to show how technology is the cornerstone of their business, while highlighting the benefits that it brings to its end users. Success may take many forms, but may include growth, profitability, flexibility and overcoming challenges.

Start-up of the Year:

 This award recognises a business in the early stages of its inception, which is most successfully transitioning from an idea to an operational business. The successful applicant will have a commercial product or service, a strong and sustainable business plan, and dedicated, enthusiastic management. 


Heropreneur of the Year:

This is the top award presented at the Heropreneur Awards. It recognises an individual who has created or is running a successful business and is a positive force within the military business community. Success may take many forms, but may include growth, profitability, flexibility, and overcoming challenges.

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