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Product of the Year 2024

This award seeks to recognise the best products that we see coming to the market from the military business community. The product in question can come from any sector, but must represent excellence in both quality and innovation.

CLOSING DATE: 5pm-Friday 28th June

Entry Criteria

  • The nominated product must be designed/produced by current or former service personnel, OR the spouse or partner of a serving member of the Armed Forces.

  • The nominated product can have been in circulation for any length of time.

  • The nominated product can be from any sector.

Product of the Year 2024

Nomination Form Tips

  • Read the questions carefully. Make sure you answer them all with the information required. 

  • Provide a narrative – not bullet points. However, remember that we are not looking for perfect written English. Above all, the Judges are assessing your passion, innovation and drive. 

  • Remember, the Judges will be looking for information about the product and what makes it a possible winner. 

  • Each question has a maximum word count. Consider and stick to what information is relevant to your answer, as the system will not allow you to go over the word count.

  • Please note, if you quit the browser before submitting your nomination, your work will not be saved. 

  • Consider drafting your answers in Word (keep an eye on the word count), then complete the form using copy-and-paste. That way you can revisit your details before making your final submission. 

  • If you are nominating someone/a product and you do not have the information to answer some of the questions then please leave the field blank. If necessary, we will contact the nominee to request the information.

Product of the Year 2024 Award nomination form

Nominator Details (if applicable)

Please complete the following questions:

Thanks for your nomination!

Submit Product of the Year Nomination
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