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Former FT journalist Rachael de Moravia to speak at next event

Former Financial Times journalist and author Rachael de Moravia

We are pleased and excited to announce that the speaker at our upcoming event at the RAF Club in London's Piccadilly will be former Financial Times journalist and author Rachael de Moravia.

The networking event, which will take place…

Guest blog: Social Mobility and Entrepreneurs by Martin Bodenham

Martin Bodenham's succesful finanical thrillers

It was in the blistering heat of early summer—a heavy kit bag strapped to his back—that my father collapsed and died of a heart attack. He was 37 and was serving with the British army in Cyprus just after the Turkish invasion of the mid-1970s. I was only in my teens back then, but I still remember my father worrying over…

Guest blog: The history of Recruit for Spouses by Heledd Kendrick

Heledd Kendrick and the Recruit for Spouses team

Walking home from a coffee morning at a fellow military wife's home in January 2009, I had an idea.  During my years as military wife, I had come across a wealth of professionally qualified, personally motivated military spouses who were unemployed as a result of their husband or wife's career choice.  These people were…

Elite Bikes: How Mark Lyon became the king of carbonfibre

Mark Lyon busy in his workshop

According to the Department for Transport, cycle traffic has risen every year in the UK since 2008 and in London, the number of journeys made by bike in 2013 went up to 0.6 million, a leap of 58.5% from 1993.

But there is one group of two-wheeled fanatics that regard their steeds as much more than simply a device to get from A to…

The best websites for budding Heropreneurs

Kevin Dooley/Flickr

Starting a business can be tricky and navigating the minefield of #biz jargon, legal issues and brain-baffling numbers can prove a huge stumbling block for those looking to get a foot on the ladder.

Herporeneurs provides mentoring, support and all-important investment opportunities for those Service leavers, Armed Forces veterans and military…

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