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Many congratulations to the 2021 winners and runners-up of this year’s awards. If you have been inspired by this year’s winners then please make a note that we will start accepting nominations for The Heropreneurs’ Awards 2022 in April 2022.

2021 Award Categories


We would like to take this opportunity to thank our partners:

Without their support, the awards would simply not be possible, and we are proud to be working alongside these prestigious organisations to deliver these opportunities to our community.



What’s so special about the Heropreneurs Awards?

  • Heropreneurs is a charity, with an outstanding Mentoring Programme at its core. All of our Mentors offer their time voluntarily and without commercial gain.

  • The Board and Trustees, including myself, receive no financial benefit whatsoever for the extensive amount of time that we put into running the charity or the Heropreneurs Awards.

  • Warwick Business School, Goldman Sachs, Amazon Web Services, TechVets, JobOppO, BCA, The Veterans’ Foundation, and Atkins, who are all supporting the virtual awards in 2021.

  • The Heropreneurs Awards are not being run for profit, and if we are fortunate enough to achieve a surplus, it will all go to the benefit of the Heropreneurs charity.

  • The Judges of the Heropreneurs Virtual Awards are all highly successful people drawn from the worlds of business, politics, and the Armed forces.

  • Our nominees, who represent the best of the ex-Armed Forces in business.

That’s why the Heropreneurs Awards are so prestigious.

The history of Heropreneurs

Heropreneurs was launched as a registered charity in 2009, so we are celebrating 12 years of helping ex-Armed Forces personnel and their families on the road to creating their own successful businesses.

It’s a tough and lonely road creating a new business – formal Government statistics show that 50% of new businesses fail in their first 4 years, and at the core of what we do is a mentoring programme which is free to join. We have a community of highly successful entrepreneurs and business people who give their time entirely for free to our members. They are similar to Non-Executive Chairmen and provide experienced sounding boards with whom our members can discuss their business concerns. We know how difficult it is to succeed in business and we don’t promote starting up a business for the sake of it, or for our own personal financial gain; indeed, none of the people that run Heropreneurs obtains any financial benefit whatsoever.

The advice that our highly experienced Mentors give is objective and unbiased – Heropreneurs isn’t trying to sell anything to anyone.

We also encourage our members to connect with and help each other to solve their business issues. At the heart of our ethos is that we help people so that they can help others.

When I discovered that no British charities were focusing on celebrating the outstanding achievements in business by people from the Armed Forces, the Heropreneurs Awards were born.

Warwick Business School are continuing their support in 2021 by funding 100% bursaries for the winners of their awards to study either for one of their prestigious MBA programmes, or for an Executive Diploma; while other repeat sponsors include Goldman Sachs, Amazon Web Services, and The Veterans’ Foundation.

We are delighted to welcome JobOppO and Atkins on board as partners for 2021. It’s great to have their support, particularly as they have both been finalists and winners at previous Heropreneurs Awards!

We know other partners will be joining us and we hope you will too; either by supporting the Heropreneurs Awards as a partner, or entering.

I look forward to your involvement and support.

Peter Mountford

From The Chairman
Our Partners
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