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Iain Moore: Founder of BGreater Shoes

Iain Moore, the founder of BGreater Shoes, is a military veteran with a decade of service in the Royal Signals. His entrepreneurial journey began in 2021, inspired by personal experiences with foot problems and wellness after sustaining a brain injury in Afghanistan. This injury led him to discover the benefits of barefoot shoes and sparked the idea for BGreater Shoes.

The company focuses on prevention, aiming to stop future generations from developing common foot problems like bunions, flat feet, and Plantar fasciitis. The convenience of online ordering and foot measuring at home eliminates the hassle of stressful shoe shopping in the ‘Back to School’ months and morning school runs are made easier when children are not rebelling against uncomfortable shoes.

The success of BGreater Shoes is not just marked by commercial growth but by the heartwarming testimonials sent in frequently by parents who are immensely grateful to have found a company that supports children with sensory issues and foot discomfort at an affordable price.

Iain's described his involvement with Heropreneurs as instrumental in BGreater's growth. Through the charity, he gained valuable mentorship, participated in events like mock pitch sessions at Goldman Sachs HQ, and won an award at the 2023 Heropreneurs Awards, where BGreater Shoes was recognised as 'Product of the Year.'

Reflecting on the award, Iain expressed gratitude and excitement for the recognition, emphasising its significance for the entire BGreater team. The award highlights their hard work and dedication.

He said, "This award from Heropreneurs is a dream come true! It's an incredible honour that validates our commitment to excellence and innovation. We're over the moon to see our product receive such prestigious recognition."

Looking ahead, Iain envisions BGreater Shoes becoming a global brand. His ambitious plans include changing the landscape of the footwear industry by popularising foot-shaped shoes and promoting overall foot health for children. With a focus on passion, perseverance, and quality, BGreater Shoes aims to continue pushing boundaries and delivering exceptional products.

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