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Anthony Edmonson-Bennett: Pioneering Sustainable Solutions with ROUUTE

Anthony Edmondson Bennett (Tony) joined the military aged 17, in which he served for seven years. Tony then went on to work in the Oil and Gas industry, but his entrepreneurial spirit and passion for innovation led him to embark on a new energy related venture, and thus ROUUTE was born.

ROUUTE are the proud creators of the world’s first road-based energy harvesting and recovery system. This innovation holds the potential to transform how energy is generated and utilised on roadways, effectively turning the constant momentum of vehicles over a surface into a renewable form of energy. With demands for energy set to surge by over 50% by 2040, ROUUTE is helping to provide a sustainable model for the future.

Throughout its journey from concept to fully commercialised business, Heropreneurs was always on hand to offer the support and guidance that has been so instrumental in ROUUTE’s success. It is this success that was properly acknowledged at the 2023 Heropreneurs Awards in London, where ROUUTE received the award for Technology Business of the Year.

Tony was understandably pleased to receive this accolade, especially in the face of so much stiff competition. Speaking afterwards, Tony said that the event provided an opportunity to connect with inspirational individuals, and network within a supportive community. “After years of testing, to now have a commercially viable product, it’s great to be recognised as Technology Business of the Year”

Tony has some ambitious plans for his company going in the future. He looks to make ROUUTE a global player in the mission to provide sustainable, plentiful energy for all. They can do this by assisting businesses worldwide in generating sustainable energy and achieving net-zero targets. While initially focusing on transforming those industries with high vehicle traffic, they can then work on diversifying their offerings for a wider client base.

ROUUTE stands ready to make a meaningful, lasting impact on the world. Well done to Tony and the entire team!

Find out more about ROUUTE here -

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