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Heropreneurs Awards 2021 'Sustainable Business of the Year' Winner

Sponsored by Atkins, the Sustainable Business of the Year award recognises those businesses that have focused on introducing sustainable, ethical practices, without compromising their bottom line. Successful applicants are those who can demonstrate how sustainable, ethical, and environmentally mindful practices have been established at the core of their business, without sacrificing profitability or delivery.

We are delighted to announce that this year’s winner is Hexitime.

Hexitime is a Community Interest Company (CIC), formed as a not-for-profit social enterprise to support people to improve health and care services. It is a highly innovative company, credited for creating the first (and still only) national healthcare timebank in Europe. The timebank is hosted at and users exchange their time and expertise on the basis that 1 hour = 1credit. Credits can then be exchanged across the NHS and social care and wider sector between individuals, organisations and networks. It hosts these entities to improve services and reduce inequalities with a focus on sustainability.

This is the second win for Hexitime this year, having also been awarded Technology Business of the Year, sponsored by Amazon Web Services and TechVets, last month. Co-founder John Lodge was also the worthy recipient of this year's Warwick Business School Executive Diploma Award.

On winning the award, John said 'It's in no small part due to what we do at Hexitime to make sure our business is environmentally sustainable, but what we are really proud about is how we support people in the health and social care system to innovate to make their services more environmentally sustainable through our international timebanking network'.

Alistair Roxburgh, Armed Forces Champion at Atkins, comments 'We want to give back to veterans outside Atkins across the widest business sector [...] The Sustainable Business Award is really important because Atkins is very active in carbon net zero and environemntal engineering so we are really keen to encourage small companies to go after these awards'.

Thank you to Atkins for their extremely generous support and sponsorship of the Heropreneurs Awards. We also extend our thanks to our mentors and panel of judges for their time and support to these awards.

If you would like more information on applying to our mentorship programme please click here.

Watch our video announcement which includes John's reactions and thoughts from Alistair at our fantastic sponsors, Atkins:

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