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Meet Our Winners: Mercedes Notton-Hill, founder, Solstice Domestic Angels, winner of the WBS Bursary

The Warwick Business School Bursary, sponsored by Warwick Business School, is an award that really does have the potential to change someone’s life by offering the winner a full bursary to study for an MBA with them. The winner of this award for 2019 is Mercedes Notton-Hill, a woman who Warwick Business School recognise as a self-starting entrepreneur, who gained 9 years of experience as a reservist before setting up a business offering housekeeping services to military families and professional couples.

Mercedes operates her business in partnership with a friend, who is ex-military personnel, who assists with scheduling and planning, as well as an independent accountant from the military spouse community. She aims to recruit women with children who are often also from the military spouse community and who may have suffered with mental health issues due to the isolation they can experience. Mercedes also uses her personal health experiences to coach and advise clients and potential clients. She views the bursary as an opportunity to fill the gaps in her commercial knowledge, as she is aware that her know-how could be surpassed quickly if she does not engage in development activities.

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